Sunday 18 January 2015

Interesting Market Renewal In Europe - 2

Barcelona's Mercat del'encants is a recently transformed flea market with some interesting variations on shop and stall layouts.
The market appears to have a variety of  options for traders -
     1. Open floor areas where goods are laid out in a seemingly ad-hoc manner sometimes using tables, sometimes using the floor.
     2. Areas with roller door storage boxes at the back and tables at the front.
     3. Aisles of lock-up shops.

The market is set out on a number of levels with car parking and services on the lower levels.

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19/01/2015 15:29:06 Barcelona "The containers are tiny, the stall minuscule"  

Some of the stalls, particularly those with roller door storage at the back, do look small. In the top photo the stalls on the left are walk-in lockups which are larger. The main trading floor does have larger stalls and the significant point would seem to be that there is a variety of options for traders. We have traders at QVM who would be perfectly suited to the smaller footprint and some who would embrace the in between walk-in stalls which are probably similar in size to the Therry St. market. Others would need the larger stalls for their display.
QVM already has elements of choice with single stalls, double stalls, double doubles, shops, containers, and outdoor street areas. But it doesn't hurt us to look at designs elsewhere particularly as we are likely to be asked for our views on market design in the next round of consultations. The Draft Master Plan is scheduled for discussion from mid-March. - Ed