Saturday 11 July 2015

Chocolate and Wine - Two Unusual Retail Stories.

Two unusual retail news items caught our attention this week.
Chocolate Paintings - two Tasmanian artists are experimenting with chocolate art. They paint with various forms and colours of chocolate in their landscapes and use brush and pallet knife techniques. As one of the artists said - "If it doesn't work out you can just lick it off and start again." 
These two have background in cartoons and animation so if any of our QVM caricaturists start putting on weight we may be able to guess at the reason. We are watching you Ivano.

Customers Help Winemaker Buy Vineyard - this is a fascinating story. It has been described as crowd funding although it seems a little different to the common money-up-front crowd funding system. This West Australian winemaker wanted to buy a 50 acre vineyard and convert it to organic wines. He wrote to the customers on his mailing list and proposed that if they bought wine off him for a stated period of time he could get enough money together to put a deposit on the new winery. And that is what happened. He managed to raise a deposit of $15,000 in seven days. 

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