Friday 5 May 2017

Bubble Thinking At QVM.

A new dynamic in the way people think and argue has developed along with the communication revolution (social media in particular) and many think it is a step back.

Bubble thinking is all about thinking the same as those around you. It is accepting an argument because others think it and then confining your analysis to what the bubble says. Articles and books have been written about bubble thinking in relation to a whole range of human endeavour.

A classic example is the description of the City of Melbourne involvement in QVM Renewal as “just a land grab". This is a term that is used by opponents to renewal and it has a history going back to some earlier market proposals (prior 2000) that included high rises across our market. The concept is that there are people who want to "grab" QVM land for other purposes.

These days "land grab" is used in discussions about the Munro's site which doesn't make a lot of sense because Munro's has never been part of our market anyway. But making sense isn't what a bubble is about. It is about perpetuating thoughts that might advance an argument whether it stands up to scrutiny or not. We see a lot of that in social media and "fake news" is a more recent term for similar behaviour.

Thinking outside the square is good advice for entrepreneurs and maybe thinking outside the bubble should become equally fashionable.