Friday 5 May 2017

QVM Retail Plan – The Thumbnail Version

The QVM Retail Plan is a comprehensive document that paints a picture of how our market might look after 5 years of renewal. You will find a more comprehensive report below following Malcolm McCullough’s presentation to traders last Tuesday. We will be writing about aspects of the QVM Retail Plan over coming weeks but in the meantime here are the highlights:
- 7 days a week activation of 7plus hectare precinct.
- Annual visitation forecast of over 17 million.
- New pathways for Melbourne’s small independent local business with increased capacity and trading options.
- Expanded offer for retail and business customers.
- 21st Century marketplace logistics and infrastructure in 19th -20th century heritage market buildings and sheds.
- Community programming to host of public spaces: new Market Square, Market Cross and Queen Street Plaza.
- Security and affordability for traditional traders with no increase in licence fees beyond standard CPI growth.

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08/05/2017 09:56:13 QVM Retail Plan "A retail plan needs solid compliant traders who grow, promote, support and can plan ahead for a commercially viable future. Traders need security with  leases or licences with terms with options say - 5yrs + 5yrs + 5 yrs. ALL TRADERS SHOULD BE PUTTING THIS AT THE TOP OF THEIR RETAIL PLANS !!!" Proud QVM trader !
No need to shout "Proud QVM trader". We get it. Security is an important part of tackling the future with confidence. Thanks for your input. - Ed.