Sunday 18 November 2018

Heard Under The Sheds – 18/11/2018

A few traders are talking about market promotion and it is in a positive light with examples including Bruce Goose appearing on a freeway billboard, Iris featuring in a half page advertisement in the citywide Where Magazine, George Milonas on the front cover of that magazine, an extra $500,000 to be spent on pre-Christmas promotion, and the arrival of a family friendly summer ice rink in C Shed – all positive measures.

One trader commented that the new Visitor Centre is a great example of how good the humble shipping container can look.

A trader suggests that one way to assist traders through the current sales downturn is to offer a rent free day each week. He points out that new leases and renewals in shopping centres are being negotiated at reduced rents in recognition of tough times. He also suggests that 5 day traders would be most deserving of the initiative due to their commitment to QVM and their level of exposure to poor sales.

A saying that caught the eye of one of our regular contributors – “Revenue is vanity, profit is sanity, cash is reality.”

Prompt action from security staff. A big tick from Ronnie in String Bean Alley when a young boy fell and injured himself on Sunday. Ronnie rang security and within a few minutes staff turned up with their first aid kit. Their supervisor followed up with a call to Ronnie a little time later to check that all was in order. Well done to all involved.

Great Expectations – the Summer night Market kicks off next Wednesday and just what it will bring in the current retail climate is a subject of much anticipation and speculation.

Christmas Eve Trading – traders are being asked to express their interest in trading on the special Monday before Christmas, and they are asking a few questions. Will the upper market be curated in C,D, and E sheds or the J-M option? What do you think should happen?

Online business – one trader reports that his online orders have kicked off early this year while stall business remains flat in the lead-up to Christmas.