Tuesday 27 November 2018

Peoples Panel Report Out

We noted in Heard Under The Sheds this week that the report by 40 or so traders, customers, business people, and other interested parties was hopefully to be published and that has now happened. Interestingly it includes a minority report that takes the discussion a little deeper. 

The People’s Panel was asked to help shape the design and location of critical market infrastructure including customer facilities, car parking, and trader requirements such as storage, delivery areas and waste management.

Here is the link - QVM Peoples Panel Final Report

Did the report come up with useful suggestions? Were such a diverse group of participants able to consider the realities of market trading? Are the suggestions practical? Can we expect some of these ideas to be incorporated in future planning?

We suggest you read the report. It has some interesting stuff and will be considered by Council at the Future Melbourne Committee meeting on 10th December.

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