Thursday 29 November 2018

Traders Announced For Committee of Trustees

At Tuesday night’s CoM Council Meeting four traders were confirmed as members of the new high level Committee of Trustees.

They are - Fleur Studd (Market Lane Coffee), Carl Greco (Bratwurst Shop & Co), Rocco Tripodi (Market Juice) and George Milonas (George the Fishmonger).

These traders will join community members, councillors, and board members as “the highest source of strategic advice to Council on both the $250 million renewal program and the strategic operations of the market.”

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29/11/2018 19:24:33 Trader Trustees "Two members representing the Deli area of 30 traders ,all traders representing the food areas with lockup shops and yet no General Merchandise representation. The whole board has been left with a big hole."
Thanks for your input - Ed.

29/11/2018 21:15:22       Committee of Trustees      "Firstly, I personally would like to applaud this initiative where finally all stakeholders are sitting at the one table with the opportunity to engage and discuss all things QVM. This is potentially a great step forward in ensuring that there is across the board and real time awareness on the part of the relevant decision makers of  the challenges facing our Market and as a result the possibility of developing some concrete strategies around meeting and overcoming at least some of these challenges.
Having said that, the disappointment / frustration / anger in seeing that yet once again the non food area of the Market, who form between 60-70% of businesses at the Market, have no seat at that table is utterly exasperating."
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30/11/2018 12:36:47 One comment omitted due trolling – Ed.
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