Sunday 11 August 2019

Heard Under The Sheds – 11/8/2019

A Trader loves the line in Beat Magazine’s report on QVM – “String Bean Alley – the place to bean.”

“The Caped Crusader” – is the name Guru Pete gave to Ronnie (of the Fabulous Juice) this week as Ronnie engaged with customers looking for guidance around our market.

There has been some criticism of an article in the Age this week and reference to a sinking ship and cheap goods on sale. In fairness, CEO Stan Liacos was talking about the need for change so the boat will not sink, and Leah Moore’s reference to “cheap leather goods” was probably more about discounted prices than cheapness. It is sometimes difficult to get the right point across when a newspaper report is the arbiter.

A Trader recalled the times when he would sell bolts of cloth at country markets where business was brisk because country wives could not get access to those things. Finding that special niche that meets unsatisfied demand is the secret to good trading, but where does that niche lie in today’s digital world?

The chocolate shop in String Bean Alley has been asked to stop handing out samples of their chocolate until they install a sink and hygienic washing equipment. Health rules are important but sometimes they really sound like overkill to general observers.

A customer from the north asked a Trader if the afternoon storm on Sunday would put a stop to trade for the day. The Trader said “No, the sun will come out again”. You could tell by the look on the customer’s face that they didn’t believe the Trader, but this is Melbourne and the sun did come out again.

Letters have been sent out to a number of SL licensees to restart the licensing program that was put on hold for renewal. The licensing structure will not impact on PE Traders. And a Trader asks what level of investment would be needed to get an extended license (4 years instead of 2)?

Another Trader asks if there is a break out clause in the new licenses. If the Trader is forced to leave the market, does the license obligation cease?

Trader, Yakov, apparently featured on the TV News on Saturday as he proudly wore his Hawthorn Football Club scarf following their win against the Sydney Giants.

This week’s “Artic chill” reminded one Trader of the day he complained to his Russian trading neighbour about the cold only to receive the reply “You should try living in Siberia for a few months” – Yep, it is all relative.