Sunday 4 August 2019

Heard Under The Sheds - 4/8/2019

It turns out that the elderly customer mentioned in last week’s Heard Under The Sheds looking for his family name on the String Bean Alley barge board was in fact Mr. Wing Chinn from H Shed.

Trading Hours have once again dominated discussion in the Upper Market this week with 9-3 on weekdays and 9-4 on weekends gaining some support. One Trader pointed out that the new proposal would result in one less trading hour per week compared with current hours.

And some more support for summer trading hours with a Trader suggesting that 5pm closing could be become an option later, but best introduced in summer when crowds are more likely to linger.

A Trader asks why the fairy lights in SBA can’t be switched on during the day, particularly on dull winter days. He believes they add great atmosphere.

And a new measure of a quiet day according to one Trader is the lack of queues at our toilets over in A Shed.

Another Trader has commented that festivals in A Shed can have a good impact on surrounding trade, perhaps better than festivals in Queen St. He believes it is a better buzz under the sheds.

Indian Festival in A Shed

 A Trader’s worst nightmare occurred this week when his neighbour took some time off and there was no replacement from the casual Trader pool. With an empty and ugly stall next door he felt like his trading neighborhood had been converted to slums overnight.

A few Traders were seen tidying their stock, and repairing displays on Friday. That’s what you do when things are really quiet.

A Trader pointed out that online retailing may be a curse for traditional retailers but it can also be an opportunity for buying stock. He has picked up a few very profitable lines by browsing various online suppliers, particularly in China.

A customer from Hong Kong on his first visit to Australia says he is very impressed by the friendly and co-operative attitude of Australian retailers including QVM Traders.

A Trader says he was happy to get his first sale for the day but he was really hanging out for second sale, because then he could go and buy breakfast. Sometimes we have very basic needs.