Sunday 17 November 2019

Heard Under The Sheds – 17/11/2019

Jehovahs Witness delegates sighted already. It is a week out from the Jehovah’s Witness conference at Marvel Stadium but delegates have already been seen in our aisles.

A Trader points out that it is now 4 years since the last JW conference and a lot has changed in the world economy since – perhaps we shouldn’t assume a sales spike this time.

New evacuation process? It was probably simply a timing error by a contractor but when a truck pulled up adjacent to the toilets at the top of String Bean Alley at 3:10pm on Sunday, and started pumping out the ladies toilet, the effect was almost immediate. The combination of noise and very unpleasant smell cleared a nearby café in seconds. At least one Trader was forced to leave their stall until the smell subsided. Maybe a lesson for evacuation co-ordinators worried about getting a response. Smell can be a very powerful activator.
Follow-up: Apparently the toilets were in danger of overflowing and being closed down. The decision was made to do a quick pump out rather than close the toilets. 

Renovations in C Shed include some good old fashioned wood-working as repairs are made to timber posts. A Trader sent us this photo.

Repairs in C Shed are being conducted with as little disruption as possible but one Trader suggests the tradies could be asked to turn down their radio during trading hours. Traders are prohibited from playing loud music at their stalls and perhaps tradies could comply as well. 

Still on C Shed – a Trader asks why we can’t board off the construction area so it looks less like a construction zone. 

String bean Alley Traders have been given approval to trade on Thursday 21st November prior to the Jehovah’s Witness conference.

Google mail problem. Google is an important search option for businesses and getting your business to show on Google requires an application and a confirmation of your address. The problem is that Google send you a letter in the mail to confirm your address, and QVM don’t accept mail for Traders. Well actually they don’t accept mail except for Google mail. One of our Precinct Managers confirmed that a letter from Google will be delivered to your stall to enable registration. 

Our bad (but irresistible) joke of the week – Three tape measures exploring the Amazon jungle were captured by cannibals. The lead tape measure said “Take me to your ruler.”

Concerns on Monday that the Jehovah’s Witness website was only showing fresh food on its QVM information page quickly got a response from our Marketing Team with new photos introduced, and a complete listing of all the Trader special offers for conference delegates including food and Specialty Merchandise.

Next Wednesday's Summer Night Market season opening is expected to go off with a bang helped by live bands from the Melbourne Music Festival and a 32 degrees temperature forecast.