Sunday 24 November 2019

Heard Under The Sheds – 24/11/2019

The first Summer Night Market was opened officially by Lord Mayor Sally Capp on Wednesday Night with a few special guests in attendance including ex CFO Vic Ailakis and ex Board Chairman, Paul Guerra.

Retail can be cruel – Thursday’s special shopping day for attendees of the Jehovah’s Witness conference was one of the hottest and windiest November days on record with a number of Traders forced to shut up shop. All reports suggest that those who were able to trade recorded good sales.

A customer visiting from the Jehovah’s Witness conference called in at F1 asking staff if the bag they had just purchased was made from real leather as claimed by the Trader. Staff decided the bag was unlikely to be made of leather particularly as it had cost only $20. We understand that a Precinct Manager intervened to assist the customer with a satisfactory resolution.

Traders have questioned the placement of the new bollards up on Peel St. including one directly in front of a Traders stall. We understand the placement of bollards is in accordance with the latest crime intelligence on public place intrusions.

A number of Traders have commented on the influx of new Traders in the market including a high-tech Artificial Intelligence movie booth. Filling the gaps is most welcome.

A Trader commented that Treasurer, Josh Frydenberg’s, call for Australians to work longer is already being adopted by many QVM Traders. Once again we are ahead of the pack.

A few Traders have noticed that our esteemed cleaner, Guru Pete, has lost considerable weight recently as he continues to work on his health. And the good news is that the Guru will be part of the new team taking over the cleaning contract at the market.

String Bean Alley has a great community feeling amongst its Traders and when Ronnie Z handed out free juices to his neighbours during the 36 degree heat on Wednesday evening he got a gold star. Thanks Ronnie.

With Trader Lee recently suffering broken fingers, his nephew on crutches, and Trader David recovering from a wrist injury, Traders are asking if Watches & Clocks is the most dangerous category in our market.

A Trader reported on Thursday that she knew when the wind changed direction that afternoon because stock that had blown out of her stall in the morning, blew back in from the car park later in the day – true story.

This week's bad (but irresistible) joke - "Did you hear about the tape measure who scaled Mount Everest .... he went to extraordinary lengths."

A few Traders commented on how pleasant and respectful the Jehovah’s Witness customers were.  "They can come back anytime."