Wednesday 14 December 2011

The 10 Most Ridiculous Christmas Gifts For 2011

Thankfully haven’t seen any of these at stalls in the market.
1.       A hat in the shape of a Christmas Tree.
2.       Bacon flavoured candy canes.
3.       Remote control inflatable shark.
4.       A clock that counts down the last days of President Obama’s term of office.
5.       A pole-dancing doll for the car dashboard.
6.       Battery operated coffee mug that stirs the contents at the push of a button.
7.       Christmas sweater embroidered with pooping reindeers.
8.       Drink dispenser with Santa Claus peeing.
9.       A calendar that predicts doom for each month of the year.
10.   A vibrating head massager that makes you look really stupid.