Friday 30 December 2011

Market Interview - Dong

Name? Dong
Born ? South Korea
What do you do/sell at the market? Toys and puzzles.
How long have you been at the market? 5 years
What do you like best about the market? -  Very hard to find any positives right now, in this climate.
 Worst moment? Every time I go home having under achieved my goals.
Past jobs? Selling heat packs in the market here.
Sporting interests?  Golf and soccer
One thing nobody knows about you? I have 5 sisters all older than me.
Favorite food? Steak
Favorite drink? sparkling White  wine.
Favorite TV show/ movie ? Titanic.
Fav band? Maroon 5
If you had your Sunday arvo free from the market, what would you do? Go out with family for lunch
If you were given a 2 week free holiday anywhere around the where would you go? Europe. England first stop.
Are you addicted to golf?  Used to be not any more.

Thanks Dong

Interviewed by Tony