Friday 2 December 2011

Customer Survey Progress

This is a follow up to our leaflet distribution last week when we asked all traders to participate in a customer survey which will help us target more customers for the top end of the market.
A meeting was held with management on Wednesday to fine tune the data needed and preliminary surveys sheets have been given to select traders as a trial before we implement the main program.
We are still looking for traders who are available to participate in data collection for the main program so please get your leaflets back to a trader representative. If you require another leaflet please contact John Magno, Ivano, Michael Presser, Henry Ngo, Mino Volder or phone Greg Smith on 0406222020.

Please Note: No actual sales figures are collected in our trader survey. Sales figures are quite rightly private and confidential. We don’t even collect names or stall numbers. All the information provided is anonymous. We do ask you for sales trends on each trading day which is a percentage figure of how your actual sales compared with your sales budget.  For example, your return for a particular day may be  - 80% - which tells us that you achieved 80% of the sales you expected for that day. By comparing sales trends with other data, like customer sources, we are able to form a picture of what drives our sales in the top end of the market.