Monday 19 December 2011

Department Store Criticised For Poor Service

One of the advantages of online newspapers is that readers can publish their responses in the comments section and we can get a bit of a cross-section of consumers views. The following comment comes from an Age article about Myer’s rationalisation plans.

We have been cracking on for some time about the unique advantage that Queen Victoria Market Traders have department stores by offering personal service and this comment has particular relevance –
“Broadly speaking there are two types of shoppers. Those that want to be fussed over by sales assistances, needing advice and to deliver the confidence or reassurance that the product is right for them. The second shopper, knows what they want and doesn't want someone coming up and pestering them and usually reply with I am just looking. When this shopper wants to enquire about a size of a product they expect to find someone. Floor staff in major retail stores need training to be able to assess clients when they approach them. That is the problem, these days they don't. You can walk through an entire department and find no one or see maybe 2 staff members hiding and chatting. Then busy counters like hosiery with queues a mile long and two staff there serving when there should be four. Stores need to get rid of dead staff and replace with people who know and understand customer service. The store management need a bomb put up them as they have allowed bad service to develop and continue.”
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