Saturday 31 December 2011

Thank You To OurTrader Representatives

A big thank you to our Trader's Representatives who put a strong case to management allowing us to trade last Tuesday (Boxing Day public holiday) despite the fact that food traders had elected to close. Following a poor trading year and public holiday closures on two key Sundays over the Christmas/New Year period, it was felt that we should take advantage of every opportunity to conduct our businesses.
We have many reports of good trading for General Merchandise Traders on Tuesday.

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    • Jillian Renwood Re: Tuesday Trading Boxing Day good trading but the proof is in the pudding lack of promotion leads to empty Car Parks many locals were unaware Market was trading had there been promotion it would have been a (Very Good Day)
    • Saturday at 12:47pm
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    • General Merchandise Traders The other possibility Jillian is that more promotion wouldn't have helped because locals only come for food ( the majority of them anyway) and that is why we had an empty carpark. But the foot traffic by tourists was good.