Tuesday 27 December 2011

Pictures Tell Us A Lot About Our Customers

This photo was taken at 12:10 on Saturday 16th December looking up K shed just one week before Christmas. We don't have a picture of the carpark on that day but we can assure you it was very full with typical weekend traffic. Obviously the customer flow in K shed is very disappointing and we believe reflects the general traffic flow in the top end of the market on that day.

This photo of the carpark was taken on Tuesday 27th December at 11:35 am. Your would be forgiven for thinking that the market wasn't open. In fact the food section was closed on this day but General Merchandise Traders were operating.

This photo was taken looking up K shed at around 11:35 am on Tuesday 27th December, the same day as the carpark photo. Not a bad show of customers yet the carpark was almost empty. What does all this tell us?
1. A full carpark has no real relevance for GM Traders?
2. GMT customers are a totally different breed to food customers?
3. GMT customers don't drive their cars to the  market?

All of these points could be true but obviously we are not going to draw hard conclusions from a couple of photos. One conclusion is inescapable - The customer mix at the QVM is complex and deserves real analysis.