Saturday 4 February 2012

Latest Retail News – 4/2/2012

1.       All Fletcher Jones stock will be sold off as administrators work through windup.
2.       Starbucks profit grows 10% on the back of new store openings.
3.       Lend Lease launches iPhone app to guide customers around their shopping centres.
4.       Coles and Woolworths launch price discounting on fruit and vegetables.
5.       ARA calls for more interest rate cuts to stimulate consumer buying.
6.       Woolworths say electronics better sold through Big W as they plan to divest Dick Smith’s.
7.       Australia’s Breville Group reports earnings growth on back of significant improvement in North America market.
8.       Barbie Dolls help push Mattel’s fourth quarter income up 14%.
9.       Despite all the spin, Coles and Woolworths maintain similar sales growth (around 4%).
10.   Poor sales performance for Target (down 2.5% in the 6 months to December) and K-Mart (down 1.4%).
11.   Ritchies buys 9 Franklins stores.
12.   Christco Hampers fined $175,000  for  overcharging customers on layby cancellations.