Saturday 4 February 2012

Traders Sales Results Analysed

Traders representatives have been collecting sales data from volunteer traders over the last two months and results have now been compiled.
Traders were asked to compare their sales on each trading day with a sales budget and the results have been correlated into graphs and charts for a number of categories in the market including –
1.       Jewellery
2.       Arts/Crafts
3.       Gifts
4.       Clothing
5.       Clothing Accessories
6.       Souvenirs – General
7.       Souvenirs – Specialised
Sales have been further categorised to show midweek and weekend sales trends. Participating traders have been progressively receiving feedback and as we progress with the data we will attempt to draw links between sales and various other factors including –
1.       QVM events.
2.       Marketing programs.
3.       City of Melbourne events.
4.       Concerts
5.       Sporting events
6.       Other public activities.
Traders who would like to participate in this information sharing are invited to email us ( or contact Ivano or your trader representative.