Sunday 19 February 2012

Got a Problem? – Write a Letter!

Trader representatives often receive complaints from frustrated traders who don’t realise that their issues can sometimes be easily resolved by a simple letter.
There are many issues about trading at The Queen Victoria Market that can cause us angst. Sometimes they are very small issues. Often we will talk about these issues with other traders, sometimes with market inspectors, and the longer they go on the more frustrating they become. Sometimes we feel that nobody is listening to us and that raising the issue again will just be a waste of time when, in fact, we just haven’t gone about the complaint process in the best way.
Here is the method that will give you the best chance of success. Write a letter addressed to – The Manager, The Queen Victoria Market, 513 Elizabeth St. Melbourne 3000. Identify yourself, explain briefly what your problem is and, if appropriate, offer a solution. You will get a response.
If your problem continues, or somewhere down the track starts again, write another letter. Your complaint now becomes a matter of record and good management requires that it is dealt with. If you don’t get a response or you think the response is manifestly unfair, talk to a trader representative or trader volunteer.
In the end, you may not get the result you were looking for but you will be able to move on with the knowledge that you have done all you can to achieve the best result possible.