Sunday 11 March 2012

Dear Marketing Manager – We have an Idea!

Trader Heng came up with a novel tourism idea some months ago that involved engaging tourists through photography points around the Queen Victoria Market . He proposed a large billboard with iconic Australian visions on it that tourists would stand in front of for photo opportunities. The billboard would advertise the market and become a unique record for visitors and an opportunity to share their experience with others. At the time we didn’t get around to develop the idea but recent retail news has brought  the concept back into consideration.
The new Bangkok Terminal 21 shopping centre has been lauded as cutting edge in attracting visitors. One of the key elements is a multitude of sculptures, statues and replicas of world tourist icons. Visitors queue to have their photo taken beside a London bus, a San Francisco tram or a huge statue of two Sumo wrestlers. Visitors are able to record their unique experience but, more importantly, share it with their friends and encourage other’s to visit the centre.
At the QVM we would envisage a Melbourne tram or Brighton beach box as possible icons but the choices are almost endless. It could be argued that the QVM already has photo opportunities and it is true that the period architecture in the old deli hall is attractive. However, the top end of the market is a little short on photography appeal (apart from our very attractive stallholders of course) and the Queen St. mall area could be an ideal spot for a photography point.
We think this is an idea worth developing.