Sunday 11 March 2012

Is This the Best New Shopping Centre in the World?

Bangkok’s new Terminal 21 shopping centre is themed on an airport without aeroplanes. Some consider it the most innovative and invigorating shopping centre in the world.
The centre encourages photography to which you might say “So what!”, but one of its main features is a host of sculptures, props and replicas that emulate world tourist icons like London buses and San Francisco trams. Customers literally queue to have their photo taken beside the icons.
The centre is huge and like other Asian centres is seen as a place that you can occupy for many hours if not a day. The centre has all the usual global retailers but is unique in its large number of small eclectic retailers that are found nowhere else.
Combining the size, the glamorous airport theme, the multitude of interesting sculptures and icons, the mix of expected and unexpected retailers, the diversity of floor plans and excellent food courts and shopper services has produced a cutting edge centre that attracts 50,000 – 60,000 visitors per day.