Thursday 8 March 2012

Why A Break Is Good For Business

The most important ingredient in making good business decisions may be your downtime.

There have been many studies into the body's Circadian rhythms but one recently concluded that our down times are just as important as our up times. We each have our own times for maximum productivity. For some it is early morning when we perform best, for others it is evening. We soon learn when we are at our best for multi-tasking and when we are more likely to "phase out" and we tend to adjust our work patterns accordingly.

A new study suggests that our downtime or "phase out" periods can be very important to our overall performance. During those times we tend to be more easily distracted and therefore more open to new ideas. We let our brains wander and often they will pick up very important and often very creative thought processes.

We can apply this concept to a larger scale. When was the last time you had a good holiday? When did you last take a good long break, clear your mind of the daily drudgery, and let new thoughts and ideas take over? We call it taking a break or making a fresh start. Obviously you can't fake this. There is no sense in saying "I am going on a short holiday to think about ways of improving my business". Genuine relaxation has to come first and only then can you expect the creative thought processes start to flow. Plan a holiday that you are going to enjoy and do things that will distract you. In the same way as a good nights sleep is needed to prepare for the next day, a good holiday is needed to prepare for the next stage of your business development.

Our conclusion - cherish your downtimes and plan your next holiday right now. The success of your business depends on it.

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