Friday 7 December 2012

Storage Box Issue Needs Fixing

Our humble storage boxes were in the trader news a few months ago when QVM decided we needed to remove these functional but ugly utilities from prime display areas and store them in M shed. There was much gnashing of teeth as traders lost some of the convenience associated with having storage boxes at hand but it was generally conceded that we were visually better off having them behind roller doors. This was just one of the measures designed to make our market a more appealing place to shop and to address some of the customer complaints about our shopping environment.

It appears that personal convenience has once again taken over from the greater purpose as the following two photos show. They were taken at 9:00 am this morning.

 On the left is a collection of storage boxes that have been placed in an empty stall in a prime trading area. Barely one aisle away is a near empty storage shed waiting to take the offending boxes.
Traders need to make up their mind whether they want a more professional looking shopping environment with long term benefits or the short term convenience of accessing storage boxes. Is it just laziness on the part of traders? Do we need more control from market staff? If traders don’t take a responsible approach, can we expect more rules and regulations to force the desired result? What do you think?

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07/12/2012 18:15:43 Storage boxes & parking "I agree with your observation about storage boxes being left in empty spaces during trading hours.  Some people are just selfish.  Boxes and vehicles should be stored within the confines of your stall or stored off site.  Today we had to located a driver to move his car from a stall in C shed when his stall was in K shed. This was not an isolated instance - it happens most days. If you can't park your car/van/truck on your site - put it in the car park. If you can't store your boxes - put them in one of the sheds." Terry Lawn (Airllywood)