Friday 7 December 2012

TAC Meeting Sets The Platform

Yesterday's TAC meeting was more an information session than anything else but, in setting the platform for moving on to some of the key issues facing our market, it made a good start.

Trader’s representatives were provided with a management overview of the role of the TAC, and the core qualities that identify the market and how it differs from other shopping destinations. We examined the retail elements that will require our attention if we are to continue exciting our customers and compete in a new retail environment. We were taken through some of the physical facility management that is needed to accommodate our customers and we looked at the various marketing avenues that will help draw more customers to our stalls.
Finally we talked about the establishment of two sub-committees to help carry the workload. There will be one sub-committee looking at retail matters like, product mix, customer flow, license arrangements etc., and one sub-committee looking at marketing issues and opportunities.

Over coming days we will examine various aspects of the discussion in more detail and seek your comments on this website.