Friday 7 December 2012

Traders Comments - General

07/12/2012 21:50:19 Good Cop - Bad Cop "Every movie have Bad Cop and Good Cop.
On our Market Management looks there is only Bad Cop.
Whenever I have to say something or ask for something from the Office there is always the same person, always the same Bad Cop Mr. Ramie.
And guess, answer is always the same: "" Sorry Mate, we can't bend the Rules""
Please Jenny , give us another option.
As I can't make appointment trough the office, can I ask you trough I did try 3 times already.
Or there is another option?
Thank you for your time.
Just Leather Products Pty Ltd
Mob.Ph: 0425 769 075" Mino JLP Melbourne  

07/12/2012 20:05:11 GENERAL "The problem we have had and continue to have is their are to many inconsistencies with market policy and enforcement..traders have their say but their are not enough of them to voice their opinion as evidenced through the meetings which comprised mostly repeat traders who made up over 85% of attendance..At the moment many traders are whingeing about sales..why would they care about anything else.rightly so they are concerned bout their "backyard"..Their is simply no consistency..The market office are lost about what to do ,they have no power to enforce or put a plan into place, they are being played by the board and the council..and in turn we traders are being toyed around by all ...To many lies, chiefs and not enough action..What a pity..Sentiment around the market is beyond negative numbers..Very their going to be anyone left who can afford to pay rent.."