Saturday 22 June 2013

New App Exposes Who Is Behind Supermarket Products

Ever wondered which conglomerate is behind that product on your supermarket shelf or whether they partake in genetic modified food, and even if they support same sex marriages? There is an app for that.

Buycott was launched a few months ago and immediately experienced a server meltdown as response dramatically exceeded expectations. Basically, Buycott enables the scanning of product bar codes which then gives you product information not readily available to consumers.

If you scan a pack of Splenda sweetener you will find that it's parent company is in fact Johnson & Johnson. You can scan a product to find if it is made by one of the 36 major corporations that donated money to a fund to oppose the mandatory labeling of genetically modified food. And if you scan a bag of Starbucks coffee beans you will find it is made by a company that supports equal marriage.

The bottom line is that the drive for consumer rights and transparency in product selection is growing. Is it any wonder that we find customers are more demanding and have higher service expectations than ever before.