Monday 29 July 2013

Letter To Traders

The following leaflet was hand delivered to traders in the top end of the market on Sunday 27th.

Dear Trader,                                  We hear your frustration.

Market trading can be a frustrating experience at present and your Trader Representatives are working hard to find a solution that will be of benefit to current and future trading generations.

Unfortunately there are few quick wins, but setting a structure, and communicating with the right people, is essential if we are to get any wins at all. We hear from you that issues like poor business levels, car parking, tourism promotion and the renewal process need addressing. It is fair to say that we are starting practically from scratch. Past structures for dealing with trader's concerns have been mostly "tick the box" exercises with no real accountability or result analysis. 

Since January this year your Trader Representatives have been involved in countless meetings within our own groups, with sub-committees, with the Traders Advisory Committee, QVM management, Board members, Council representatives and experts in diverse fields. We have communicated with trader groups in Spain, UK, and USA. We have discussed issues with academic experts on markets at a UK university, purchased reports and books on market studies, viewed footage of market renewals across Europe and dissected hundreds of internet and press reports over the last 20 or so years. All these efforts have been to better understand the issues you have raised with us and how to achieve the best possible result for all traders.

Lifting our status as traders, and getting our voices heard is a very real need and we believe we are making progress. Last week we had a discussion with QVM Chairman, Paul Guerra, in which we covered issues like the QVM management culture, the role of traders in the decision making process, the inclusion of traders business performance in the market's performance measures, and the renewal process. As a result of that meeting we are expecting to hold talks with MCC and the Victorian State Government over coming weeks. 

Setting up a structure to lift our status is not as sexy as marching on town hall or getting front page newspaper coverage but we believe it will give us the best platform for sustained involvement into the future. In the meantime we urge you to speak to us, visit us, or call us. The Victraders website is an important source of information and it belongs to you. From this weekend the website will have regular updates on the issues your representative’s are handling.
As individuals we are small and weak. As a combined group we are many and strong. Combining the efforts of all participants, including your own, gives us the best chance of real and sustainable success. Remember - speak to us, visit us, call us and visit your website.
Your representatives – Ivano, Stephen McLennan, Kha Nguyen, Jenny Pyke, Greg Smith, Joe Stolarek.