Friday 26 July 2013

TAC Issues - Car Parking

Trader Representatives from each of the market trading groups (general merchandise, shops, fish & meat, deli, and fruit & vegetable) have been working diligently behind the scenes on a number of issues -
Car parking - parking to meet customer needs is a critical issue for our market. There are 3 proposals being considered by Council - an underground car park, a multi-level car park and the current arrangement. As recently as last week, Chairman Paul Guerra assured Trader Representatives that there will be no reduction to the current number of car spaces. Trader Representatives have asked management for a breakdown on car park usage by staff, traders and customers so that we can evaluate leakage from the total number of spaces available to customers.
A recent customer survey conducted by traders included questions on car park usage. Results are expected next week.

The TAC (Traders Advisory Committee) is a body made up of 10 elected Trader Representatives. The committee is chaired by the QVM CEO. The TAC meets at regular intervals to consider market issues and minutes are provided to the QVM Board.