Friday 26 July 2013

TAC – Marketing Sub-committee Upcoming Meeting

The TAC (Traders Advisory Committee) currently has two sub-committees a Retail Sub-committee and a Marketing Sub-committee.

The Marketing Sub-committee is meeting next Tuesday 30th July and the agenda includes –
1.    Customer Survey – A survey was recently conducted by traders over one week in selected areas across the market. The survey analysed customers in regard to home location, age, mode of transport to market, the main reason for attending the market, and how often they shopped at the market. Survey results are expected at this meeting.
2.    Trading Hours Survey – a survey is being prepared for all traders to fill out as part of a review of the market’s trading hours. For discussion.
3.    PA System – the sub-committee is evaluating how the PA system may be better used for marketing the market.
4.    Other Business –

Results from the meeting will be reported on this website.

The TAC (Traders Advisory Committee) is a body made up of 10 elected Trader Representatives. The committee is chaired by the QVM CEO. The TAC meets at regular intervals to consider market issues and minutes are provided to the QVM Board.