Friday 6 December 2013

Look Out QVM - Coles Raise The Bar In Customer Experience

Coles have opened three new concept supermarkets in Sydney following a successful trial at Southland in Melbourne.

The new look stores feature a Coles Kitchen that allows shoppers to select from a range of freshly prepared takeaway options, such as freshly sandwiches and baguettes, sushi, and hot and cold pizzas, and pies. A barista quality coffee bar is included as well as a patisserie sourcing local baked cakes and pastries.

Both Cole and Woolworths have aimed their marketing at “market freshness” and these latest innovations from Coles show that they are not resting on their laurels. The competition between these two supermarket giants is driving significant improvements in customer experience and the losers may simply be the food providers on the outside who fail to step up to the challenge.

QVM has all these ingredients and offers a superior experience but the gap is narrowing. Opportunities for QVM like on-site cooking and selling of our wonderful fresh meat, fish and deli offerings has been suggested as the next step in enhancing the food experience for our customers. Certainly we need some innovative ideas to stay ahead of the competition.