Sunday 8 December 2013

Trader News Briefs

Condolences – Two of our trader family have lost their fathers in recent months. Our condolences to Khoa Nguyen and Ninh Doan and their families.

Trader Representative Takes On Research Role – Ivano Guseli has been engaged by QVM and CoM to look into lessons that may be learned from recent renewal processes at South Melbourne, Prahran, Dandenong, Preston and some overseas markets. The impact of renewal on traders will be a prime focus.
Engagement of a trader to assist in this type of work is seen as a positive move for all traders as we strive for greater involvement in the decision making process around QVM Renewal.

More Buzz Around String Bean Alley – A number of traders have identified increased customer activity in String Bean Alley as the number of stalls, including food vendors, is increased. Other improvements include more seating areas and the provision of garden beds.

Peel St Parking – Traders are reminded that kerbside parking at the top of J, K and L sheds is intended for tourist buses. Tourist disembarkation at the top of the market as seen as an important source of business for all traders. Traders are asked to complete unloading on Peel St. as early as possible each morning and then leave this area clear for buses.