Sunday 22 December 2013

One Person's Bargain Buys At QVM

My brief was to purchase a significant proportion of my Christmas gifts from the market. My budget was small but I wanted to get gifts that matched the recipient so this wasn't an ad-hoc exercise. Here's how it went -

One of the easiest choices was for my nephew's new-born son. He is only a couple of months old and "Pickles" the lamb was an ideal gift. "Pickles" comes from one of the collector ranges at Kevin & Annette Stanisich's Teddy bear stall and is priced at just $25 (half the RRP).

It is not easy to see in this photo but the handmade lacquer candle holder held by Giang is just perfect for my niece. The holder is made in Vietnam, supporting local artisans, and cost just $10. Khoa & Giang sell a wide range of attractive lacquer ware at their stall.

These colourful wrist ties are ideal for one of my Granddaughter's who is almost a teenager. Her main gift will be a clothing voucher but that's a little boring so a more personal add-on is in order. The 4 wrist ties from Angela were just $10.

This useful umbrella is a mini size for easy carrying and features a unique inspirational saying on the umbrella and the little carry case. 
Just part of the range designed by our own Suzie at Vivant Creations in E shed. Price - $15.

This mini masterpiece from photographer Tony Pierrakos is going to one of my nephews who I am sure will appreciate the tranquil scene and the fact that this is a true artisan product. Just $10. Incidentally the shot was taken at Narooma on the NSW coast.

My youngest Granddaughter is going to love this umbrella and the little wind-up rabbit if for no other reason than pink is her favourite colour. Both purchased from Lien in RK shed for just $18.

My brother is going to love this collection of culinary utensils. From the basic Beech cooking spoon (definitely the best timber for wooden utensils) to the olive pitter and an excellent sharpening steel, all for $20 at Pino's.

Now I am not sure who I am giving this ukulele to but it is an excellent little instrument, made of wood, and an absolute bargain for $15. It would be appropriate for young or old or perhaps I will keep it for myself. Thanks to Lim for supplying this item.

These are just some of the many presents I obtained in the top end in a morning of shopping. Not only was I able to tick off the majority of items on my gift list but I did it at very reasonable cost and I enjoyed the whole process.