Saturday 28 December 2013

You Need This EFTPOS Machine

This is the latest mobile PayWave (or PayPass) EFTPOS machine. It is such a leap forward over the older version that all traders should consider up-grading.

There are 3 main reasons why it is better –
1. Convenience – allowing your customer to simply wave their card over the machine to complete a transaction is convenient for both customer and retailer. And it is becoming the norm in retailing. In fact, retailers without PayWave are becoming an annoyance for some (your editor included).
2. Speed – these new machines are much quicker to wake up and to print the receipt. Let’s face it customers shouldn’t have to wait for a simple book-keeping procedure to complete.
3. Charging – this machine comes with a simple charging cradle that links securely with the EFTPOS machine every time. No plugging in of dodgy cables. Simply place on the cradle each night and retrieve before heading off to the market each morning. Basically the machine stays on all the time and there is no waiting for the old log on procedure to take place.

Commonwealth Bank charge a $59 one-off fee for up-grading. We think it is money well spent.

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