Sunday 1 December 2013

Traders Meet With CEO and Board

Tuesday’s Queen Victoria Marketing Advisory Committee meeting contained a number of firsts. It was the first meeting chaired by our new CEO, Jan Cochrane-Harry, the first attended by two members of the QVM Board, Caroline Parker and Paul Sheahan, and the first since the renewal announcement. . Eight Trader Representatives attended the meeting which opened up a new era in Trader/Management/Board relations.

One of the key issues raised by traders concerned marketing expenditure. The question was asked – “Is the current marketing expenditure at QVM sufficient to meet the needs of a major retail entity?" (see separate article below). This issue is to be examined in more detail following the appointment of a new Director of Marketing this week.

One of our Trader representatives made a presentation on the impact of shrinking wholesale and manufacturing sectors in Australia, how that affects QVM Traders, and what assistance can be provided by CoM, State Government, and other relevant bodies to guide traders in finding new sources of supply. This is one of the most important challenges facing public retail markets worldwide.

Other matters included 
1. Progress on the lighting fitout in the top end.
2. The new loading bay arrangements in Queen St.
3. Trader’s vehicles occupying customer parking spaces in Queen St.
4. Procedures for recruiting and approving new traders.
5. Christmas promotion program.
6. Progress on installing wi-fi throughout the market.
7. The latest figures on tourist visitations to QVM.
8. A review of the casual trader stall allocation process.
9. A guidance manual for new traders. 

The Queen Victoria Market Advisory Committee (QVMAC) has been operating since at least the 1990’s with varying degrees of success. It is fair to say that today’s re-vamped version, particularly with direct Board access, gives traders their best opportunity in a long while to have greater input into the direction of our wonderful market and ensure that the interests of traders receive appropriate consideration.

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