Friday 6 December 2013

“Mm Mm Wah” Secret To Retailers Success

Shanghai ceramic designer and manufacturer, Spin, has credited their success in retailing to “Mm Mm Wah”.
In a country with a grand tradition in ceramic manufacture the founder of this enterprise was very disappointed to find that Chinese manufacturers had become good at copying but had lost the talent for innovative and inexpensive ceramic manufacturing.
Through hard work and perseverance, Spin manage to find three key local manufacturers to meet their standards and business has risen 10 fold.
And the “Mm Mm Wah”? - “The first time they come into Spin they look at something and they say ‘mm’. Then they look to their left, and say, ‘mm’, and then they pick up the price tag and say ‘wah!’ “They love our price, so that’s why Spin is called mm mm wah shop,”

Thanks to Inside Retailing for this story.