Sunday 22 June 2014

Farewell, Good Luck, and Thank You To Traders

We have had two significant departures from QVM this week.

Kevin & Annette Stanisich (teddy bear stall) have retired from the market after four generations of involvement. In typical pragmatic fashion, Kevin & Annette did not want any fanfare on their last day although that didn't stop traders, staff and customers giving them a fond farewell.

We published an article on their contribution to QVM back in December - . Kevin and Annette are both excellent cooks and we expect to see their presence around the QVM food halls for many years to come.

Terry and Mary-Anne from Airllywood have not been in the market quite as long but their contribution to the fashion clothing scene at QVM has been significant. They have proved to be innovative traders with a forward thinking approach to linking Bricks'n'Mortar with online trading. They are leaving the market to start up a new retail venture in Queensland and we wish them every success.

It is sad when long time traders (and friends) leave our market but perhaps it helps get our own self importance into perspective. There is an Aboriginal proverb that starts off "We are all visitors to this time, this place - we are just passing through."  The grand old lady that is The Queen Victoria Market just keeps on chugging along, hopefully a little richer from our individual contributions. Certainly these traders have left their mark.

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22/06/2014 14:43:52 Our Departure "It is with mixed emotions that we say ""good bye' to the Market and to all the friends that we have made there over a few short years.  We were not able to get round to see everyone and for that we are sorry.  We live in interesting times, not least of which will be the upcoming changes at the QVM.  We wish you all well, good health and profitable trading. Terry & Mary-Anne (Airllywood)" Terry Lawn