Sunday 22 June 2014

QVM Marketing Vision

QVMAC Representatives were treated to a presentation from the QVM Marketing Department on Tuesday this week. Marketing Director, Mark Smith, and his staff outlined their marketing plan for 2014/15 under a business vision of - "A thriving public market loved by the people of Melbourne and all visitors".

Some features were -
1.     Recognising QVM's original and primary role as a fresh food market.
2.     Emphasis on attracting the cruise ship market including the possibility of direct shuttle buses.
3.     Focus on major Melbourne events including the upcoming World AIDS Conference which will be largest such conference in Melbourne's history with 16,000 visitors.
4.     The upcoming Brand Refresh for QVM which will establish our core branding message.
5.     Analysis of our customer groups, who they are, and why they come here.
6.     The introduction of PATH Intelligence customer counting and traffic flow analysis.
7.     Sponsorship initiatives around our site and through our various market concepts (Day Market, Night Market, Winter Market, etc.)

Detail on all the marketing Department projects will be revealed as the year progresses but next up we can look forward to the influx of visitors from the International AIDS Conference 20th-25th July.