Monday 30 June 2014

Why You Shouldn’t Throw Away This Weeks Traders Bulletin

The Traders Bulletin distributed around QVM this weekend is significant for a number of reasons and could herald one of the more influential documents of the last decade. We are referring to the announcement of a QVM Business Plan on pages one and two.

It is a mystery why QVM hasn’t had a clear Vision Statement up until now and QVMAC Representatives had elevated a Vision Statement to the top of their wish list. Obviously our CEO had similar thoughts and now we have a document that identifies all the good things that go with professional directional planning – 
1. A Vision Statement.
2. A Mission Statement
3. A list of Goals.
4. A list of Values and Strategic Priorities.

The plan is not quite complete and that is great because traders have the opportunity for comment and input over the coming weeks. There are elements that deserve our attention and careful thought. There are elements that we will need to question and elements that we may wish to expand on.

At a time when traders are asking for less renewal talk and more market performance talk, this is an important opportunity. Issues like Market Activation Projects, Marketing Strategies, and Measuring Retail Performance are all potentially in the mix.

So don’t throw away this weekend’s Traders Bulletin (at least not the bit about the Business Plan on the first two pages). Read it, digest the information, and be ready to ask questions at group meetings over coming weeks.

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