Thursday 14 May 2015

Planning Scheme Amendment For QVM

The City of Melbourne has flagged a planning scheme amendment to accomodate QVM renewal. The following comes from the Participate Melbourne website - 

"This proposed amendment to the planning controls would change how the use and development of the Queen Victoria Market precinct can occur to enable the City of Melbourne to realise its vision for the precinct. It will also allow Council to meet the obligations set out in our agreement with the State Government for the future development of those parts of the precinct owned or controlled by the City of Melbourne.
About the amendment
Planning Scheme Amendment C245 proposes to:
  • Rezone the market site to Public Use Zone to reflect its on-going public use. As a registered heritage place, development of the site will continue to be subject to permits from Heritage Victoria.
  • Rezone the new public open space proposed for part of the existing car park to Public Park and Recreation Zone.
  • Include the land directly along the south of the market site in a Development Plan Overlay (DPO 10) that defines the allowed building envelope of street frontage heights and setbacks, and the wind and weather protection requirements of new development.
  • The remainder of the area which is subject to Design and Development Overlay 14 (DDO14) will be provided with new built form controls to ensure that a pedestrian friendly public realm is maintained in the precinct that are generally similar to those in the DPO 10.
Next steps
Proposed Planning Scheme Amendment C245 will be considered by Future Melbourne Committee on 12 May 2015. The Committee papers including details of the proposed amendment are available on Council's draft strategies and plans page. If you want to address the committee meeting in its public session, or submit correspondence to a committee visit the Communicating with Council page for details
If the Committee resolves to proceed with the amendment it will then go the Minister for Planning seeking his approval to exhibit the amendment for public consultation."

We expect to find out more about the amendment before it is put up for public consultation.