Sunday 31 May 2015

CEO Comments on Incubation Proposal

A recent article on Victraders proposing an "Incubation Market" that would allow traders to trial new product ideas. With traders restricted to selling "approved products" at their stalls this proposal would provide a simple format for traders to test new ideas at a special market stall and perhaps discover some exciting new businesses.
Our CEO has joined in the discussion with the following comment on - 

31/05/2015 15:45:40 The article on incubating new business  with current traders entrepreneurial ideas "I think this is a good idea to explore further with current traders and will talk to relevant managers this week about how we might undertake a small trial. We've certainly included in our strategic brief for the future, the opportunity to help incubate new businesses that are different to the current offer - and ideas from current traders would be welcomed." Regards. Jan. Jan Cochrane-Harry
Here is a link to the original article -