Sunday 31 May 2015

Trader Finding It Difficult To Prove He Traded

This is an unusual story and perhaps a lesson for traders who might be caught in the same predicament.

Our trader received a penalty for failing to cancel his stall on a Tuesday. We are not exactly sure what the penalty was but traders will be aware that they need to advise the office of a single day absence by close of business on the day before.

The dilemma for this trader was that he actually traded on the day in question but he was having difficulty proving it. The office were emphatic that he had been marked as absent by Stall Controllers and he would need to prove that he traded at his stall on that day. That should be easy shouldn't it?

Well, in his case he didn't have an EFTPOS machine or a car park voucher and when we last left this story he was madly trying to find some location evidence on his mobile phone that he was actually located at QVM through the day.

We are confident this can be sorted out. Either the Trader's memory is failing or the Stall Controller ticked the wrong stall on his list.  But perhaps we can add these circumstances to the list of things we take for granted, but may trip us up. 

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02/06/2015 11:59:00 Trader proof "Surely other traders can verify this person was in his stall or is this proof of Ghost Traders or does it prove Stand controllers are human also."  LB&J  Eshed