Friday 29 May 2015

Why Traders Choose QVM To Do Business

The recent 1-2-1 trader meetings gathered information on a variety of subjects and the question of why traders chose QVM produced some interesting results.

Traders were asked how they came to trade at Queen Victoria Market, why they continue to trade here, and what they think is special about QVM. The answers were varied but QVM’s role as a tourist destination was the most frequent response to “Why do you trade at QVM?” Traders valued the steady flow of customers that the site attracts. They also talked about the sense of community and multiculturalism, the lifestyle, the heritage of QVM, their family connections at the market, and the CBD location.

Traders enjoy the atmosphere of the market, the crowds, the hustle and bustle, and took pride in the hands-on personal touch with customers. They like the flexibility of hours to enable things like picking up children after school and, for manufacturers, the opportunity to combine making and retailing. The blending of so many cultures and ethnicities was fondly described and older traders talked about the opportunity to continue a fulfilling business activity. A number of traders chose QVM over all other markets.

A 67 page review of the 1-2-1 meetings is about to be published and we will endeavour to cover various aspects of trader input over coming weeks.