Tuesday 26 January 2016

Do You Get More Australian Than QVM?

In Australia’s short settlement history few icons have been around as long as QVM and we have much to celebrate on Australia Day.

With nearly 140 years contribution to Australian society and recognition as one of the nation’s most visited tourist spots, we are a key part of Australian heritage. Where would a “shrimp on the barbie” be without the QVM Fish Hall? Where would Aussie lamb be without our Meat Hall? Where would Australia’s dairy produce be without our Deli Hall? And if you are looking to take a souvenir boomerang overseas, QVM would be your logical place of purchase.

But if there is one aspect where QVM really excels it is in multi-culturalism – that unique Australian attitude of accepting all races, colours, and creeds, and giving everyone a “fair go”. And that acceptance is no better exemplified than amongst our traders.

Traders at QVM come from a bewildering variety of countries and backgrounds. We have freedom fighters from Afghanistan, refugees from the old Europe, boat people from Vietnam, and the list goes on. Foes in war-torn countries overseas become friends under our sheds and in our halls, and every trader can rightly feel part of the QVM family. That is worth celebrating on Australia Day.