Sunday 3 January 2016

Top 10 Articles On Victraders For 2015

The most read articles for 2015 include an amazing array of subjects. One market identity featured twice, and  a standout no.1 article received double the readership of its nearest rival. Readership of our articles is dominated by market traders but we are a public website so other factors come into play.

We will start off with no.10 on our list. Simply click on the link at the end of each entry if you would like to read the full article.-
10. Where Is Joe? The cryptic title of this story may have been one reason for the
popularity of this article but that is not to deny the fact that the person involved was a popular market identity. -

9. Draft Master Plan. The release of the QVM Draft Master Plan document received plenty of interest -

8. Business For Sale. This article about the availability of one of our iconic market businesses attracted plenty of attention back in May although as far as we know Betty Jennings is still waiting for the right offer. -

7. Assurances To Traders. Back in February the QVM Board gave an assurance about trader involvement in the upcoming renewal discussions and that apparently pleased a lot of traders -

6. Barcelona Market. An article about renewal at Barcelona’s amazing Mercat del'encants flea market received strong interest from readers -

5. Robbie Is Leaving. Popular trader, Robbie, received a lot of interest when he decided to retire from market life. -

4. Farewell To Jan. Jan Cochrane-Harry’s departure features twice on this list and this time

it was on the back of a video of traders saying farewell to our CEO. -

3. We Will Miss Jan. Jan Cochrane-Harry’s departure from QVM attracted plenty of attention and this article explored the contribution she had made -

2. Storage Boxes. For some reason this story about QVM’s humble storage boxes went viral -

1. Renewal Or Evolution? This was our most read article of the year and the title may have attracted some outside interest from human evolution devotees but in fact this was a classic example of what attract readership at QVM. It all started with a controversial article claiming that QVM renewal was simply an evolution of business at the market. Then there was a well thought through response questioning the process of renewal, and finally a measured summary from one of our Trader Representatives which seemed to put the matter to bed, at least for now. The issue certainly deserved our number one spot for the year.-

The vast majority of articles on are inspired by traders themselves. Traders express an amazing range of views, concerns, and theories about life at QVM. Some of the views are well thought through, some are off-the-cuff, some are well-measured, some are highly emotional. All are extremely valuable and deserving of recognition. We hope you enjoy reading the views expressed on these pages and thank all contributors for a successful year of informing not just traders but all stakeholders in this amazing entity that is the Queen Victoria Market.