Sunday 17 January 2016

Heard Around Our Market - Free Coffee, Storage Boxes, Spreading.....

Spreading To Be Reviewed - empty stalls around our market look terrible and with no shortage of traders happy to spread and fill the gaps, we understand that management are reviewing their practices. Don't expect unrestricted spreading but a new policy to simplify approvals may be on the cards including the option to spread back to back between aisles.

No New Boxes - one trader tells us he has been unable to find a box hire operator prepared to make him those new fold out table top storage boxes. The trader was motivated to make the switch  from his traditional upright boxes so that he could keep boxes on his stall rather than use limited off-site storage.

Merlo's Free Coffee - the effectiveness of the QVM grapevine was shown at full strength on Friday morning when new coffee shop, Merlo's, announced they were offering free coffee to traders from their location on Peel St. at the top of F shed. One trader is reported to have asked for 8 free coffees for his neighbours. Merlo's very impressive new shop build is worth a look. We wish them every success.

Early Pack-ups - after last week's article about rule enforcing it was disappointing to see one street-wear trader packing his stall at 2:30 on Saturday in C Shed and one corner trader on the top walkway packed and gone before 2:30. Our ability to work together as a trader community is compromised by this sort of selfish behaviour.

Tourism Ramps Up - word around the top end is that souvenir stalls are doing good trade post Christmas as visitors to our city put QVM on their agenda. With the Austalian Open Tennis about to hit town we are hoping for more of the same. And for local tourism it is encouraging to see that Big Bash Cricket is attracting record crowds.

Merry Go Market - Inviting families to our market on Sunday is great, the petting zoo is great, but where is the merry-go-round? A few customers are confused. Maybe it is just in the wording.