Sunday 24 January 2016

QVM Have A Long Way To Go In Customer Convenience

Westfield co-CEO, Stephen Lowy, has championed better relationships between property developers and retailers with some pertinent lessons for QVM.

Part of Lowy’s presentation at the National Retail Federation Big Show in New York this week included offering technology services starting with recognising customer number plates (we actually have that technology at QVM), directing them to free car park spaces, and then guiding them to the store they like and even the very product they are looking for.

Lowy talked about sharing data between retailer and property owner to achieve that connection and at least equalling the convenience offered by online shopping with the full knowledge that physical shopping would always win out because it offers a better experience.

QVM can offer a great shopping experience. We have a unique shopping environment and offer true personal, face to face retailing. But we probably have a long way to go with the convenience factor. See our article -