Sunday 14 February 2016

F Shed Makes Space For More Diners

A recent change to the top of E Shed/F Shed has opened up this area and given customers more opportunities to relax and take a break from their shopping while enjoying the food and drinks on offer. 
Our photo was taken on Saturday. A footwear trader who occupied the stalls in the forefront of this photo has been relocated to a suitable stall further down the aisle and tables and chairs now occupy the space.
The area is opened up, and it becomes a more obvious food destination which should be great for the cafes along F Shed. We can't help but feel it also helps showcase the traders on the North side of E shed but no doubt they will let us know if that is the case. 

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15/02/2016 13:03:12 E and F Shed "It's a great idea that the E and F shed be a free sitting and entertainment area, so that the customers enjoy a bit of free space, and doesn't get dizzy of walking one after the other isle continuously.
I think this isle should be a free entertainment area all the way down to Queen street. "
Thank you for your input - Ed.  

15/02/2016 15:30:13 shed "The F Shed relocations were made to assist food traders and allow more coffee retailers into the area not to Patronise or Showcase E shed traders" A & J E Shed  
Thanks for your input LB and Jillian but you haven't answered the question. The intent may not have been to showcase E shed but has the extra exposure worked to your advantage? - Ed