Sunday, 14 February 2016

Paris Gets Its First Raw Meat Vending Machine

Paris and good food are synonymous so when a butcher installs a raw meat vending machine it gains worldwide attention. What has happened to the irrevocable bond between butcher and customer, and will this move change the concept of good food forever?

The owner of the butchery in the fashionable 11th arrondissement puts it a little more plainly - “We wanted to give our customers an additional service when the shop is closed.” Of course Paris is not just about high end food and snobby restaurants. It is very much about people’s food and in that sense an always open vending machine makes sense.

This particular machine stocks pork chops, beef carpaccio, Bayonne ham from the Basque country, chicken and eggs. Food dispensing machines are not new to France with 100’s of baguette machines (carefully adjusted to the correct humidity of course) being found across the country. One popular butcher in central France said he couldn’t work 7 days a week but got sick of watching customers peering into his shop on a Sunday and so installed a vending machine for his highly sought after sausages.

So what about QVM? Will we see vending machines backing on to Deli Lane with an assortment of self serve meats and cheeses?

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