Monday 8 February 2016

Traders Comment On Market Future

One of our traders has reacted strongly to Herald Sun suggestions that 60% of traders were happy with the current state of the market. Here is his response on Have Your Say.

08/02/2016 08:50:48 Market Future. "You are saying 60 percent of traders are happy with the way the market is. No way! The market is dying. Half of the sheds are empty and and half of whats left are losing money under these conditions. 

I suggested in the first few meetings (AND STANDING BY IT) the solution will be to create a permanent position for all for the days market is operating, to secure the sheds (as Therry St was). The empty stalls will be filled up by shrinking the market to (maybe 3 retail sheds), 

Then the market will be so much more inviting to shoppers,to other retailers (new brand names), no more casuals to deal with, better display, and cleaner looking market. The A B AND C sheds can be left for different events etc.we know already that the box people don't get more than 1 year leases, which mean that soon or later the box hire people will have no where to store our boxes. Most of the traders will not be prepare to start driving trucks again (sheds full of trucks every morning and afternoon). The office at least will know that the market is full all the time, no need to send inspectors with pages in order to mark the empty stalls etc, 

We as stall holders will put so much more effort in to our stall and business and will look forward to come to work every day,dress better, and not looking so depressed. I cant see how else you going to bring this market back to life. Thanks for giving me another opportunity to express myself. " -  Ariel Gabizon 

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15/02/2016 22:49:49 Markets Future "Not sure were to begin in response here but getting rid of the casual traders is not an option.If the Market is considered to be an incubator for small business what better place to start and become the future of the Market.Most of them have terrific stall presentation , nice banners & signage and products that are not repeated ad nauseam and they are young keen and hungry to make their business work with good customer service which is exactly what customers are craving for us to provide. 
Traders should all be striving to improve their businesses in all aspects including personal presentation . This is what todays customers are seeing  now and they obviously do not like it.
The renewal process will take some 10 years to complete so if traders do not help themselves along the way or are expecting a handout on completion the only difference will be that the stall holder is 10 years older. 
Reducing the size of the Market is a contentious issue but business will have to improve markably to generate the same rent revenue amongst fewer traders for Management or council.
I would like to hear opinions from other traders on this topic." Stephen McLennan ( Frustrated Trader Representative ).